What prescription medications can lead to an elevated TSH? Can having mono cause an elevated TSH?

I have had a lot of TSH tests since I have every symptom of hypothyroidism and both parents had it. Always normal. Three weeks ago normal TSH but positive for mono and elevated WBC (profoundly exhausted and lots of fevers). Doctor ran blood work yesterday and now I have 4.72 TSH and he started me on Synthroid. I am not surprised to have elevated TSH but I am surprised it was normal 3 weeks ago. I still have active mono exhaustion (I fell asleep brushing my teeth – this is not a case of being a "little tired.").

I have read that meds and illness can cause elevated TSH but I can't find what meds or what illnesses (other than a tumor) can actually cause elevated TSH. I am on a) Lasix b) MSIR and MS Contin for chronic pain with occasional Vicodin; and c) Imitrex as needed for migraines.

Doctor just started me on .75 Synthroid and Cymbalta (for fibromyalgia — I had adverse reaction to Lyrica and Neurontin).

Again — the diagnosis of hypothyroidism sounds right but it has for 10+ years and I have never had an abnormal test before. (Only TSH tested – not T3 or T4). I am curious if the mono or the meds could give this elevated result. Thanks.

I'm stunned that your doctor would start you on medication with a TSH at that level, measured just once. That absolutely does not diagnose hypothyroidism. And yes, other illnesses (any/lots) can cause raised TSH (people who are ill in hospital can have TSH of around 20 without anything being wrong with their thyroid). We refer to it as 'non-thyroidal illness' or 'sick euthyroid'. Hypothyroidism should not be definitively diagnosed if someone has another active illness. Even if you do have hypothyroidism, 4.72 is only very very slightly elevated (some places would call that nomal or borderline). You would be unlikely to have symptoms at that level – it is not at all high enough to account for the exhaustion that you are suffering.