What is the life expectancy for a dog with an enlarged heart?

We just found out that our 10 year old male dachshund has an enlarged heart. The vet put him on Lasix and Enalapril for the next 2 weeks to see how he responds to treatment. It is the first day with medicine and we are hoping that his condition improves. We are just kind of wondering what to expect from here…if anyone has/had a dog with this condition any imput would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there anything else (herbal supplements etc.) that we can do to help his symptoms?

Because Lasix is a diuretic, you will see a lot of urination until all the excess fluid is removed from the dogs body. Enalapril is used to strengthen the heart muscle which has weakened, causing the enlargement. I would make sure your dog gets some sensible exercise, but not allow any jumping nor any running that tires him out. Once the medications are stabilized, there is no reason your dog can't live a perfectly normal lifespan, however it is extremely important not to let him get overweight, as all the added pounds causes the heart to work harder.