Very serious problem with my dog!! Help Needed!?

My dog a german shephered , 11 months old.

He had tick fever (Babesiosis) when he was 7 months but we cured it.

But 2 months ago he once again had it. We took him to the vet and he gave 4 Berenil doses during these two months. Meanwhile his liver was enlarged, and as the vet's instructions i gave him lasix tablets.

Last month, he completely lost his appetite and stopped eating. I give him liquids from a syringe and he eats very small amount of food.

His urine was very yellow for about 2 weeks. I consulted the doctor as well. But now his liver is enlarged once again as he says. And his eyes, stomach and some parts of his skin is yellowish..

Today the doctor did some blood tests too.

Please i need your help too. Tell me what going on with him. Is that curable?

Is it all right to vaccinate him with this 'Imizol' injection while he is not eating and this weaknesses?? How do i cure him???

Liver failure is *NOT* "curable".

Forcing an animal to linger & suffer is NOT "love".