Treating High Blood Pressure With Natural Herbs – Does it Work?

Treating high blood pressure with natural herbs is very popular these days. It’s too bad that most herbal remedies for high blood pressure are worthless. Lack of government regulation enables companies to get away with using small amounts of poor-quality herbs. That’s a shame, because using herbs to control blood pressure can be a safe, effective, and cost-efficient method.

But can herbs truly benefit people’s health? They do every day. Hundreds of pharmaceutical drugs are derived directly from chemical compounds found in plants, including more than half of all drugs used to treat cancer. Even the Wall Street Journal realizes the potential health benefits of “plant medicine.” They recently published an article saying that many herbal remedies “are now scientifically documented to be not only medically effective but also cost effective.”

Natural cures for high blood pressure are popular because prescription drugs are expensive and have so many negative side effects. Male impotence is probably most common, followed by insomnia, tiredness, moodiness, cramps and more. For some people, the so-called cure is worse than the illness!

There’s a lot of ancient wisdom behind the use of herbs for high blood pressure. For thousands of years, herbs have been used to improve blood circulation, strengthen the heart, and reduce stress. Today, science is conducting studies which are showing that these herbs do in fact have valuable medicinal properties.

Hawthorne berry, for example, strips away plaque from arterial walls, letting blood and oxygen reach the heart. Dandelion is a powerful diuretic that removes excess salt from the kidneys. Its efficiency at doing so even surpasses pharmaceutical diuretics. Garlic has always had a wonderful reputation for contributing to the health of the heart and circulatory systems. The best part is these herbs have no side effects.

But it’s absolutely vital to use a natural remedy for high blood pressure that contains generous amounts of first-rate, thoroughly tested herbal ingredients. This really makes all the difference when treating high blood pressure with natural herbs. If you exercise, follow a diet for high blood pressure, and use the right kind of herbal product, you will be able to live a healthy, active life again–without prescription drugs!