One ear is lower than the other, how can i make my eyeglasses sit right?

My glasses sit lopsided on my face because my left ear is 1/2" lower on my head than my right ear. Is there something i can put on my eyeglasses to even it out? I cant get Lasix surgery or wear contacts. please help me out!

In a case where one ear is lower than the other, you should have been advised to get a metal frame for your eyeglasses.

By using a metal frame, the temple of the lower ear is adjusted from the hinge lowering it to push the eyeglasses up, and the opposite side is slightly raised to drop the frame on the higher ear, thus resulting in a straight appearance. I suggested a metal frame, because they also have nose-pads which can be slightly adjusted to even the frame out on a persons face.

By performing these adjustments to the frame, it looks lopsided if placed on a flat surface, but straight on the face.

Plastic frames can also be adjusted this way, but they don't have the nose-pads to play around with. Before trying to fix this on your own, I would suggest that you stop by an optical store and ask to have them adjusted;a good technician will be able so solve your problem. To do it on your own, would mean using stick on pads to raise the frame on your left side and they will tell the world your ears are uneven.

Hope this was helpful.