My dog has a leaky heart valve she is retaing water in her belly

I am giving her lasix 50mg a day, How long for this to leave he, took her to a vet they said her kidneys were good and her liver is good and not to give up on her yet, she cant walk much she trys but is weak. The vet said they could drain the fluid but it would take all her nutrinets and said they would rather it drain with the lasix, Her nose is cool today and a little wet it has been hot and dry for a week, Maybe the antibiotics are working any Ideals on how to get the fluid to leave her

Diuretics are most effective in removing fluid from tissue rather than from a body cavity; thus they have limited effect on removing ascitic fluid from the abdomen.

If she is having any respiratory difficulties, some of the fluids should be drained from the abdomen.

Here is a link about ascites that might help you talk with your doctor.…