My 13 year old dog now has kidney failure. She also suffers from congestive heart failure and mammary tumors.?

Her CHV has been maintained stable for the past 1.5 years taking enalapril, lasix and pimobendan. Her mammary tumors would grow only when in heat. She just recently got operated from Pyometra successfully the only setback was a blood transfusion afterwards. Now her BUN is not where it should be so they want to put her on fluids and another medication. She also takes dismutase and metacam. I'm concerned on the amount of meds she's already on and if thats the reason her kidneys are failing??? She's a very happy dog and eats very well. Honestly looking at her and the risks she has run into a feel like she's a walking miracle. Her strentgh is incredible! I want the best for her…any suggestions???

I am very sorry for your dog. Ask the vet your questions, that is where you will get the best answers.

I hope people that have chose not to have their dog spayed read this sad post.