Is Lyrica all that? It seems like Drs are pushing this med, but my script is $180 a month?

I am always hurting and I take prescribed pain meds and Lasix due to swelling, so my Dr gave me Lyrica and said its for neuropathy pain.

When I picked up the script I couldnt believe these pills are almost $3.25ea because I dont have health insurance and I take 2 a day.

So my question is, are doctors just shoving this med on us like any other inflammatory they suggest or is there something so different about it that makes them worth what the cost? And I know you cant put a price on pain.

I think it is definitely ALL THAT! I use it on a LOT of my patients and I have, at least 80% of the time, been thrilled with the results. It is definitely superior to many of the other treatments we have for neuropathy.

I also take Lyrica. albeit for an off label cause. It does wonders with my knee osteoarthritis and really cuts down on the amount of opioids I need to take for the pain. Keep in mind, it's not approved for osteoarthritis, but it does certainly help with it.

If the price is out of your range, there is a drug that is similar to Lyrica, called Neurontin. It's available in generic form and should be less than $.50 a capsule. You would start at generally 150mg, 3-4x per day. You can call your health care provider and get them to change the prescription by phone and have them call it in to the pharmacy.