I don’t know how it’s possible to not be losing weight with this diet change?

I started exercising (never used 2!) I walk 30 min a day at 3.5 mph

I never eat fast food always used to! I only drink water!!!! Like 64oz or more a day

I eat so much better!!! But the scale doesn't go down at all.. I might be taking in too much sodium idk! But I take Lasix in the morning?:/ idk what I'm doing wrong!!!!!!!

It may be your body type. You may have trouble losing weight. And there is nothing you can do about that.

The other possibility is that you gained some muscle. You probably lost some fat weight, and replaced a small amount of it with muscle. Well, muscle weighs 3x more than fat, so you may slimmed down, but the muscle keeps the scale up.

The real thing is to not worry about the scale. You find a body image you like, and keep it. It doesn't matter what the scale says, it matters if you like your image.