Herbs to Lower High Blood Pressure – 3 Great Herbs to Get Rid of Your Hypertension

There are many herbs to lower high blood pressure that you could get your hands on today if you had to. Did you know that just a few of them could each give you up to a 20/10 reduction. That could be enough to get you healthy again without the need for drugs. In this article, I’ll share with you three wonder herbs to restore health to your cardiovascular system.

Green Tea

Over 17 studies show that green tea can lead to a reduction in b.p.

Quite why and how green tea has these effects is not fully understood. But we know that green tea contains polyphenols and these have generally positive effects on health that we also know about.

For example, studies have shown that green tea can also reduce cholesterol levels, help against cancer and help to prevent kidney stones.


Cinnamon is a very popular herb. In the USA, it is often added to many meals but it is also used heavily in cooking in other cultures.

It helps to regulate diabetes and can also lower cholesterol levels. From our point of view, we should be most interested in the fact that it can also lower high blood pressure.

You can take it in many forms. You can eat the powder straight or add it to a meal. Cooking may destroy its blood pressure lowering value. Alternatively, you can take it as a supplement pill. Normally this is just a capsule full of powder.

You can even drink it in a tea. Many people find this to be the ideal way to consume their cinnamon and derive these health benefits. It also tastes pretty good too!


Flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are known to be extremely beneficial for health. Flaxseed is sometimes known as linseed.

The ideal way to consume this is to buy the seeds raw and crush them in your own pestle and mortar. If you go to a health store then they can give you this supplement in this way or you can ask for a special oil that comes in a small jar.

If you go for the oil, make sure that it has been kept fresh in the refrigerator. Flaxseed oil has to be kept cold, otherwise it will lose its powerful properties.

You can also get a pill form but it is the least beneficial, in my view.