I had a stable angina 5 years ago. Should I go for Angiography?

After the stable angina attack, I am taking medicines like Micardis, Lopressor and blood thinners like Juspirin and Pedovex. I am also diabetic. But I think I am leading a normal life. My BP is 130/90 and sometimes I get dizziness after food or when I think seriously. Should I undergo ANGIOGRAPHY? My question is after doing angiography, can I lead normal life: jogging, air travelling, late night shifts, lifting small weights upto 30 Kgs, like water can or gas cylinder or suitcases in the airport when there is no help. I am afraid my normal life will be afftected after the angiography. I will be greatful if you kindly advise the dos and don'ts after the angiography. Thank you very much.

Cut down on HTN medication?

I went to the doctor today to redo my rennin and aldosterone hormone test and my aldosterone which was in question is now in good normal limits, where as it was very high and high before.

What blood pressure medications wouldn’t effect sex life?

I know there are many diffrent types of BP meds out there: Thiazide Diuretic and Beta-Blockers, ACE Inhibitors, ARBs and CCB's but i have heard some do cause erection and libido issues and some dont.

What type of side effect does telmisartan micardis have?

it is a medication for high blood pressuer

Doctor wants to take off my HTN meds?

Hey everyone, I've been suffering from high blood pressure for ages, but now my blood pressure is low.. like 112/73 sitting and about 99/58 laying down. My doctor wants me to get off my half a tablet of norvasc 5, as im taking 2, 1 micardis 40 and that.

What is the best way to lower high blood pressure?

My husband has high blood pressure and been prescribed Crestor & Micardis. But, due to high costs, we are unable to afford his medications. What are YOUR food suggestions? Everyone always say "diet and exercise" and we know that. My husband does not have a problem with his weight. He's 38 years old, 165lbs., 5'7" tall. He's still muscular (somewhat) due to years of body building. His siblings (all under 45 years old) & parents are all under medication for high blood pressure & high cholesterol.

I am 25… and having hypertension with one functioning kidney since birth..?

I had to take 2 anti hypertension pills.. Norvasc and Micardis.. Can anyone help me..

Taking hypertension meds without hypertension?

What happens to a individual that takes micardis hypertension drug for a month but he has no hypertension?

I am anemic should i not take any of these medicines?

my medicines-are -pristiq—one source vitamin-micardis-famotidine – levothyroxine–vitamin-d-plavix-asprin crestor–glipizide er–glucophage–verapamil hc–meclazine–gabapatin–zolpidem–prem… inhaler–albuteral inhaler-hydrocodone/apap–furosemide–al…

Blood pressure treatment? norvasc? micardis?

Hey guys im 25 years old, I have blood pressure, I'm currently on a micardis 40, and a norvasc 2.5 (half of a 5 tablet). The doctor has recommended that i get off my norvasc, because there shouldn't be a problem with 1 medication holding me for the entire day. But last time I had to add a norvasc because i noticed during night times the micardis would stop working and as I'm sleeping my blood pressure would go high. Then id wake up and feel very weird and unwell.

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