Is Lyrica all that? It seems like Drs are pushing this med, but my script is $180 a month?

I am always hurting and I take prescribed pain meds and Lasix due to swelling, so my Dr gave me Lyrica and said its for neuropathy pain.

When I picked up the script I couldnt believe these pills are almost $3.25ea because I dont have health insurance and I take 2 a day.

Very serious problem with my dog!! Help Needed!?

My dog a german shephered , 11 months old.

He had tick fever (Babesiosis) when he was 7 months but we cured it.

But 2 months ago he once again had it. We took him to the vet and he gave 4 Berenil doses during these two months. Meanwhile his liver was enlarged, and as the vet's instructions i gave him lasix tablets.

My 13 year old dog now has kidney failure. She also suffers from congestive heart failure and mammary tumors.?

Her CHV has been maintained stable for the past 1.5 years taking enalapril, lasix and pimobendan. Her mammary tumors would grow only when in heat. She just recently got operated from Pyometra successfully the only setback was a blood transfusion afterwards. Now her BUN is not where it should be so they want to put her on fluids and another medication. She also takes dismutase and metacam. I'm concerned on the amount of meds she's already on and if thats the reason her kidneys are failing??? She's a very happy dog and eats very well. Honestly looking at her and the risks she has run into a feel like she's a walking miracle. Her strentgh is incredible! I want the best for her…any suggestions???

What prescription medications can lead to an elevated TSH? Can having mono cause an elevated TSH?

I have had a lot of TSH tests since I have every symptom of hypothyroidism and both parents had it. Always normal. Three weeks ago normal TSH but positive for mono and elevated WBC (profoundly exhausted and lots of fevers). Doctor ran blood work yesterday and now I have 4.72 TSH and he started me on Synthroid. I am not surprised to have elevated TSH but I am surprised it was normal 3 weeks ago. I still have active mono exhaustion (I fell asleep brushing my teeth – this is not a case of being a "little tired.").

I don’t know how it’s possible to not be losing weight with this diet change?

I started exercising (never used 2!) I walk 30 min a day at 3.5 mph

I never eat fast food always used to! I only drink water!!!! Like 64oz or more a day

I eat so much better!!! But the scale doesn't go down at all.. I might be taking in too much sodium idk! But I take Lasix in the morning?:/ idk what I'm doing wrong!!!!!!!

Laser eye surgery?

i am pretty much blind (with a prescription of -6 in both eyes)without my glasses and cannot wear contacts for a number of reasons. i was told i was a perfect candidate for lasix…can anyone tell me about there experience?

I had Lasik… well PRK about 3 months ago and it was the best decision I've ever made. It was a really easy procedure, I went in for like 3 pre op exams where they take all kinds of measurements and what not, then on the day of the exam they had me take a valuim to relax. I went in and they did the surgery, it took about 1 minute per eye and it was done. After that they put me on perkoset for about a week so I never felt any pain. You'll have post op appointments somewhere around 3 days 1 week 1 month and 3 months to see how you're healing. I had really bad eye sight prior to the surgery and now I am 20/20! Good luck!!

My dog was diagnosied with chf wed. I have her on med 2 lasix pills aday a heart pill

she seems so tired and te vet gave her a laxative yesterday it make her tummy hurt and she is not eating since how long do I let her go and not eat? Her belly is making noise like upset a little and she threw up last night

Talk to your vet. Some heart medications can cause nausea. I'm not sure why a laxative would be given unless she was also constipated. Was your dog x-rayed and/or ultrasounded to diagnose? If not ask for a referral to a veterinary cardiologist or an internist for further diagnisis and treatment.

Does anyone else with a loved one in a nursing home have a problem with facility having diaper shortage?

My mom is in a nursing home and the they always seem to be scrambling for adult diapers. They say they are only given like 5 per shift per wing for to share among the residents. Does that doesn't sound right and I don't know who to check with. The social worker at the facility says that diapers are expensive and my mom uses quite a few since she is on lasix and leaks . Thanks.

Are there any homeopathic treatments for ideopathic seizures in puppies?

The puppy developed seizures after being sick with Kennel Cough, the vet prescribed lasix ( a non potassium sparing ) fluid remover for the dog. He got lasix for three days, now he has seizures grand mal lasting about 5 seconds every 36 hours. He appears fine after its over.

The patient faints in the reception room and falls to the floor. The medical assistant should?

a. place a pillow under the patients head and shoulders, keeping the feet and legs flat

b. place a pillow under the patients head and shoulders

c. roll the patient onto the right side

d. check for pulse.

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