Look out Circular for Personal Local Defaulter for due Less than Rs. 2 lakh.?

I want to know if there will be a Look out circular notice for a personal who is a personal loan defaulter in india for due less than 2 lakhs.

The person is defaulter for 1 year and received a call from icici mega lok adalat about IPC 138 and 420. He is untraceable by the hands of law.

I need key for the objective questions of licentiate exam.?


1. Recession is caused essentially by the flow or availability of money in relation to the availability of goods:-

2. Minor ports are managed by central govt:-

3. Insurance business is a knowledge based business:-

Which is the best tv shows other than Adalat( crimainal shows )?

do not say cid

Crime Patrol.

Triamterene and Lisinopril?

I am currently on Triamterene. My doctor wants to put me on 10mg of Lisinopril. I am concerned because the pharmacy said the two combined can cause problems. I don't know if i should just go ahead and take it and trust my doctor. I feel if i call the office they will just be annoyed by me calling. He recently had put me on Adalat, which i had to discontinue because of problems.

Is there a herb that will open up blood vessels more?

I am taking Adalat XL together with my blood pressure pills. They are making me completely exhausted (have looked up side effects) I cannot function properly, just have to lay down. Since taking it my blood pressure has gone down and it does work, however, I am not willing to give up my daily energy and feel so completely out of it, if I could find some alternative.

Hi please suggest some of the hindi tv seriels/series which has a complete story in one episode?

apart from






thank you


Need urgent legal remedy.?

Need urgent legal remedy.?

one of my friend is call for lok adalat,to settle her bsnl mobile bill.that number is inactive now.she is very vexed,is there any other procedure to pay the bill.she hesitate a lot to go to court.please guy need immediate help.

Adalat cc during pregnancy to control high blood pressure?

My doctor prescribed Adalat to control my hypertension because I'm planning to have a baby soon? Anybody ever taken it while pregnant. Let me know how it was. Thanks.

There are warnings but I am sure your gynecologist will tell you if you are at any risk (or the fetus).

I want to know how to go for settlement of credit cards in banks,as am retiring and not able to pay my debts.?

i want to know how to approach banks thru lok adalat?

Run and run away fast from any settlement/debt negotiation company.

They will charge you huge fees and do nothing for you that you can't do yourself.

They will not pay your credit cards for months and months,

Grievance A bank offered me an unsolicited loan of RS. 1.30 Lakhs and sent the amount through DD?

By virtue of my holding a Credit Card, I was offered a loan of RS. 1.30 Lkahs on phone which I declined. This was in the year 2007. The bank sent me the draft which I returned to them by mistake by Ordinary Post. Next month onwards, bank started me debiting me money and started harassing me on phone for payment. I explained that I had not availed the facility and that the Draft was returned back. However they continued to harass me on phone some times thrice a day.

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