Sexual Drive and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has profound effects on sexual drive and vigor. It can radically decrease men’s sex drive, his libido and his ability to have and sustain an erection. It can also destroy ladies’ sexual urges and make her feel like she has just “passed her prime.” The majority of the high-priced prescriptions are harmful, riddled with side effects on patient’s health and sexual drive.

There are now simple natural solutions to hypertension that also increase your libido and sexual performance. This involves the use of effective nutritional supplements in the right dosages thereby helping to prevent and reverse it. It is the number one modifiable risk factor for stroke. It also contributes to heart attacks, heart failure, kidney failure and atherosclerosis (fatty buildups in arteries). In some cases it can also result to blindness.

This natural method lowers the pressure of the blood, in essence a patient with hypertension can cure it naturally with ease and freedom from the side effect of high-priced prescription. Sexual drive, libido, desire, and even performance can also reboot in the process of lowering it. There is a connection between high blood pressure and lack of desire and libido in both sexes, erectile dysfunction in men and ability to perform sexually at a high level in both sexes.

These natural solutions can be used and at the same time jack sexual drive through the roof. It can also be used for preventive measures, that is to prevent this and at the same time maintain a normal sexual drive without any side effect.

The harmful side effects of taking blood pressure-lowering drugs are enormous, just to mention a few, these effects are; depression, impotence, head ache, heart palpitations, occasional dizziness, aches and pains in the joints, fever, constipation, diarrhea, and lots more.

It is now glaring to see that it is wise for patients with high blood pressure and also patients with low sexual drive or libido to go for these multifunctional natural supplement solutions.