Omron Hem-629N Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

It is easy to read your blood pressure with a portable wrist monitor. Just wrap the monitor cuff around your wrist and start the machine. In a few seconds, you will read your data on the screen. If you are looking for the new BP-monitor, Omron Hem-629N is your device of choice. It is easy to determination because of the clinical approved.

The main features of the Omron Hem-629N monitor are:

- There are 21 memories with time stamp (date and time): If you forgot to write your progress of blood pressure in your profile, this will help you track down.

- Clinically proven accuracy

- The package include a carrying case and 2 3A batteries

- 5 year warranty

This device is accurate, convenient and very easy to use. You can use this machine daily to access your blood pressure. Just wrap the strap on the wrist and push of the button. It will automatically inflate and reading. It takes about 1 minute for a reading. It measures both blood pressure and pulse rate. It has the durable construction. The buttons are very soft to use. The machine is made of the high quality plastic with a velcro enclosure. This device is an energy saver. The 2 3A batteries can use for a long time up to 2 months for normal use.

It is the durable and reliable medical device to check your pressure profile at home and perfect for traveling, too. You can take your measurements anytime and anywhere.