Natural Hypertension Remedies, Plus a Unique Perspective of the Condition

Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you might have hypertension. To clarify, the medical establishment claims that hypertension is simply chronically and significantly elevated blood pressure. And that the majority of hypertension cases are “primary” hypertension. The cause….. According to the Mayo Clinic, “primary” hypertension has no identifiable cause.

Hmmm….. That’s not very helpful information! Furthermore, the medical establishment claims that left untreated, hypertension can result in numerous complications. Scary ones, too! Like aneurysms! That makes you feel good doesn’t it?! Of course not!

Well, now that we’ve introduced ourselves, I’m going to broaden your horizons with a rarely mentioned explanation of what hypertension really is, what really “counts” as hypertension in the first place, what aggravates hypertension and should be avoided, and effective natural remedies for the condition. We’ll start by redefining it.

So how else could hypertension be defined? Well, according to Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, a nutritional consult and scientist, as well as writer of the best-selling book, We Want To Live: The Primal Diet, based in Malibu, California, high blood pressure is the body’s method of stretching, cleaning and healing congested arteries and veins. And contrary to the what we see in the media, a large number of heart attacks happen during times of low blood pressure and low cholesterol levels. High blood pressure is essential to arterial health in the presence of congestion. Furthermore, suppressing this condition with drugs is not recommended for the health of your arteries and veins.

In regards to what qualifies as high blood pressure, forget the current guidelines! Before the advent of blood-pressure lowering medication and the need to profit off of them, normal blood pressure was either 140/90 or 100 plus the person’s age over 90. Notice how as people get older, the numbers go up. This is adaptive, not “hypertension”! It’s normal, simply a response to arterial “wear and tear” as one ages. On another note, anytime you get an “adrenaline rush”, your blood pressure shoots up and there’s nothing you can really do about it for several minutes at least. So, always make sure you’re not confusing “white coat syndrome” with hypertension. Just to make sure, take your blood pressure at home or at a convenience store like CVS where you can relax and get an accurate reading, as oppose to at the doctor’s office, where the pressure’s on!

With that said, let us move on to the cause. The cause of high blood pressure varies person to person. The main cause is congestion of the arteries and veins. What exactly is causing the congestion varies even more. It could be any one of the following: Cauterized/processed minerals and/or heavy metal build-ups (as plaque), overweight, or breathing in toxic substances (especially house mold). Another cause is a lack of nutrients necessary to lower blood pressure. What exactly these nutrients are is obscure. But they can be found in both grapefruits and garlic. Finally, a lack of “enzyme mutations” to digest, assimilate, and utilize cooked fats may be at fault. Not everyone’s body can make do with certain foods, or at least not with the cooked versions of such foods. Cooking alters food in many ways, including it destroys all enzymes (life-less proteins that carry out chemical reactions including the breaking down of foods). If a person’s body cannot manufacture the enzymes for said food, than the stomach, small intestines, and liver will not be able to break it down to “chaos” (the building blocks for the body) and the body will react negatively (in the form of a disease) or develop an allergy.

What aggravates or can aggravate hypertension? Well, here are the most common or worst offenders:

- Pasteurized/Homogenized milk and dairy – Homogenization has been directly linked to Arthrosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) which may eventually increase and result in circulatory congestion.

- Salt – Increases blood pressure, especially in the brain, causing headaches. If you must have salt, use much less unrefined salt such as Celtic or Himalayan sea salt.

- Processed foods – Many have lots of salt, while others are simply refined and lack minerals in general that if present would help in hypertensive situations. Such refined foods force your body to give up its own minerals (and many other nutrients) in order to just digest the food.

- Water – Increases blood volume and edema (water retention). When you do drink water, it is best only drink 2 oz. at a time to prevent edema and overworking the kidneys.

- Excessive cooked starches – This includes potatoes, sweet potatoes, breads, grains (such as rice, corn, peas, etc.), legumes, and any other starch that has been cooked. When high carbohydrate foods (especially starches) are cooked, acrylamides are formed. Acyralimdes are a very toxic cooked food by-product and well-known carcinogen. In fact, acrylamides are so toxic that the body must store them in adipose tissue (body fat), otherwise they would harm or kill cells and tissue, and most likely would result in cancer. So if you have hypertension because you are overweight, you better steer clear of cooked starches, or at least limit them and boil the ones you do eat (boiling creates the least acrylamides compared to all other cooking methods).

What are some effective remedies for hypertension? Surprisingly, the list is quite long:

- Fresh raw grapefruit or grapefruit juice

- Fresh raw garlic

- Raw, fresh cucumber, cucumber puree, or cucumber juice soothes stretched arteries, veins, capillaries, and nerves.

- Exercise – Increases circulation and consequently all forms of healing (including cleansing). But more importantly, it helps cleanse arteries and veins. And if overweight (more specifically, excess body fat) is the reason for your hypertension, then exercise along with a high-fat diet will guarantee that you the lose excess fat and in the right places, too (not muscle, bones, water-weight like most diets tend to).

- Fresh raw fruits – Especially as smoothies made with raw fat (organic, pastured eggs, often), and unheated honey*. Gradually removes all forms of congestions within arteries and veins. Enzyme-rich fruits such as pineapple are most effective at “cleansing”. Tomatoes are specifically beneficial to hypertension.

- Raw fats – Cleansing and health-stabilizing in general. Includes animals fats, such as raw, organic yellow butter and organic, pastured eggs. Also includes: cold-pressed olive oil, truly raw coconut oil, fresh avocado, etc. Vital if cooked fat is the cause.

- Unheated honey* – Provides concentrated spectrum of enzymes. Also helpful if cooked fat is the cause.

- Naturally sparkling mineral water – Restores electrolyte balance. Includes Perrier, Gerolsteiner, Apollinaris (the sodium in this water is not harmful; concentrated inorganic sodium as found in salt is what needs to be avoided), etc. It is best to drink no more than 2 oz. at a time (sip).

- High fat diet – Improves blood flow. No “vegetable oils” ever! (This includes soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, etc., all of which are known to cause brittle arteries.)

- Mineral Rich Foods – Including: Bone Broths, Raw full-fat milk or kefir, liver and other organ meats ONLY from organic and pasture-raised animals, meats (general), wild fish from unpolluted waters, shellfish (wild or farmed), fresh, raw coconut meat and coconut water (extra beneficial to the kidneys), tomatoes, sea vegetables, unsulphured, non-steamed dates, etc.

- Hydrating fruits, fresh-squeezed fruit juices, and fresh coconut water – In place of water to prevent edema. Includes melons, citrus, and tomatoes.

- Quality Cod Liver Oil – Fat-soluble vitamins. Helps the body utilize minerals properly. Blue Ice Feremented cod liver oil is the only one that’s truly raw. Taking it in liquid form instead of capsules prevent “fishy burps”. Flavor/antioxidant-free should be your only choice. Don’t settle for cheap, processed cod liver oils.

- Midday sun exposure – Vitamin D. Helps the body utilize minerals properly.

- Quality and quantity sleep – Sleep is when most healing takes place (including the cleansing of arteries and veins). Naps are also beneficial.

In addition, Dr. Thomas Cowan MD of the Weston A. Price Foundation uses the following herbs (high quality brands are preferable; such as Mediherb, Herb Farm, and Standard Process) for hypertension:

- Chamomile (Extract)

- Rauwolfia (Extract)

- Hawthorn – cardiotonic; helps relax walls of arterial blood vessels

- Renafood by Standard Process – Contains kidney nutrients.

- Horsetail (Extract) – Acts like diuretic, but much safer. Relieves edema and lowers blood pressure.

To find local sources of raw, full-fat milk (not just cow, either) Google the organization, “Real Milk: The campaign for raw milk”, and to find local, organic meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetable farms, visit

*Unheated honey implies that heat has never been applied to the honey. Raw honey is a misnomer and can still be heated to over 150 degrees F under current U.S. as well as U. K. laws. Always ask a producer what the highest temperature is that their product reaches. And for reassurance, only buy honeys that are hand-packed direct from the hive. Another way to tell the difference is to put a finger behind the container of honey, and put the jar up to a light. If you can see through the jar at all (or more obviously, if you can see your finger), then the honey has been heated. Unheated honey is thick and you cannot ever see through it. To purchase an updated list of genuinely raw foods/products available near you, visit

Note: Any links above are not related to myself. They are created for informal purposes for the masses. The last one is a product that I do not make any commission off of and is not an affiliate link or anything of that nature. It is simply what I said it was. A list of what is actually raw/unheated for those who are unsure, created by Dr. Vonderplanitz.