Medication Free Hypertension Remedies

Though countless numbers of people the world over currently experience elevated blood pressure and its potentially disastrous effects the options for treatment of this “silent killer” are limited. Many people foolishly ignore the life threatening implications of their high blood pressure and do little or nothing to combat it. Still others struggle with a daily regimen of prescription medication to control their blood pressure. You should be aware that there are other options to consider. It would be wise to take a proactive stance against hypertension by following one or more of the suggestions outlined below. These steps make it possible for you to manage your hypertension promptly, as an adjunct to your medication or, in some cases, if your physician so advises, to eliminate the need for medication altogether.

The “Silent Killer”

Unfortunately, mild to moderate hypertension has few, if any symptoms. That is why high blood pressure, or hypertension, is known as the “silent killer.” Therefore it is very possible to have elevated blood pressure and not even be aware of it. This is risky because hypertension can get worse if left untreated, possibly leading to cardiac disease, stroke or premature death. Educating yourself about the causes and the various treatments of hypertension is essential.

There are alternatives to medication which can be effective in as little as three weeks. Most people would probably like to be medication free. It is possible to do so using the guidelines below.

A daily medication regimen can be tedious and confusing. Remembering to take your medication in a timely fashion each day can be problematic. This is especially true when several medications may appear similar enough as to cause uncertainty and hesitation to take them at all rather than risking overdose or taking the wrong medication at the wrong time. Would not it be ideal if the need for costly and confusing prescription medications could be eliminated altogether? Happily, in many cases it can. In most cases at least, the need for medication can be significantly decreased. The following tips will serve as guidelines to help you safely manage your hypertension using simple, everyday techniques.

You will have an increased sense of security once you have armed yourself with the knowledge of how to control your blood pressure. The following points will serve to steer you in the direction toward lower blood pressure, and a healthier, stronger and longer life.

1. Cut down on salt in your diet: Sodium and potassium are interrelated. Excess sodium in your diet diminishes the beneficial effects of potassium in your body.

2. Increase garlic in your diet: The beneficial effects of garlic are widely accepted. It has long been known that as little as a clove of garlic daily brings down high blood pressure to normal levels.

3. Be more physically active: Increasing physical activity decreases blood pressure naturally. An effortless half hour walk two times daily is adequate at first. Gradually increase the length of time as you gain stamina. Do not over exert yourself.