Lower Blood Pressure Naturally – Some Simple Tips And Strategies

If you lower blood pressure naturally then you can avoid a life time of prescription medications. Of course, many people take what they believe to be the easy approach and religiously take their hypertension pills every day. After all, these drugs have been around for years and there are no side effects, right?

Tell that to the people who have been taking ProAmatine, a hypertension drug originally approved under an accelerated program by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) way back in 1996. That is almost 15 years ago, and the drug company was supposed to provide clinical studies about side effects and effectiveness shortly after approval. To date they have been unable or unwilling to do so, so finally the FDA instructed that it be withdrawn from the market.

Fifteen years of prescriptions! Fifteen years of innocent people taking an unproven drug which was FDA approved.

I don’t know about you, but that certainly makes me more interested in exploring methods to lower blood pressure naturally! Over 90% of cases of hypertension are classed as essential hypertension, which means there is no specific cause like kidney disease. This means that over 90% of hypertension cases are great candidates for lower blood pressure naturally strategies.

These strategies fall into the broad buckets of diet, exercise, weight control, and stress control. The best approach is a comprehensive approach involving aspects of all the above. For example, getting your body weight to the right level can have a dramatic effect all on its own.

But if you combine that with a diet which eliminates foods which contribute to hypertension and emphasizes foods which help with blood pressure then you will make more progress. Blend in some light exercise, which will help with weight control anyway, along with some breathing and calming routines and the combination of all of these may have a dramatic impact.

The choice is yours to make. Regretfully, many people are not prepared to make the commitment to a plan of action, despite the huge benefits which can result. With our busy lives, we tend to become over-reliant on prescription medications and processed foods for convenience. What we don’t realize is that these are potentially harmful!

However, those who do adopt lower blood pressure naturally approaches and who stick with it tend to be successful in controlling their blood pressure and getting off their medication or avoid having to go on any hypertension medication in the first place. There can be no argument that they are better off as a result.

So now do you want to explore how to lower blood pressure naturally?