High Blood Pressure? Learn to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Hypertension is a common problem. Despite being a common problem, very little is known about its causes. In fact, in over 90% of all cases the cause is unknown. Medication can not cure hypertension, only help you to keep your blood pressure under control.

Research has identified some risk factors which often seem to contribute to increased blood pressure. Many of these risk factors can be removed or at least minimized with life style changes. Most people do not like to change their life style but in most cases it is a successful way of combating hypertension.

Changing your life style is far from easy. Most people have got used to one way of living and trying to change something is uncomfortable. The good news is that since you have learnt, from blood pressure point of view, bad habits, you can also learn good habits. It is not difficult but requires a lot of will power.

In order to successfully change your life style, you need to first have a clear picture of the new you. You must know the end result, that is the new healthy you, before you start to change your life style. Also, remember that it takes time to get results. Your blood pressure will not plummet overnight. Look at it as a long journey, it will take time to get there. As long as you are moving in the right direction, you will eventually reach your goal.

What kind of life styles changes are needed to combat hypertension? For most people, the answer is simply, more exercise and better diet. In today’s world, a lot of people must reduce their stress levels. These changes are easy to do, for a couple of days. For most people, the real problem is to remain on the new path.

Almost all exercise will help you to lower your blood pressure, as long as you exercise on a regular basis. Heavy exercises should be avoided, at least in the beginning. Isometric exercises, such weight lifting, can strain your heart. Those who suffer from hypertension should avoid such exercises or at least only do light exercises.

To keep it simple, adopt a diet that helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Watch out for sodium, it is well known that it increases blood pressure. Not everyone is affected but it is a good idea to cut down on salt, which contains sodium. An easy rule is to not add any salt to your food.

Stress is a common problem and is one of the main suspected causes of hypertension. By doing relaxation exercises on a daily basis, your blood pressure, will start to go down. Most important of all, when you think you are too busy to waste time on relaxation exercises that is exactly when you really need to relax.

If you smoke, quit smoking or at least cut down on smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes causes your blood vessels to constrict and your heart to beat faster, which temporarily raises your blood pressure. Needless to say, cutting down on smoking will improve your health in many other ways as well.