Effective Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Also known as hypertension, this is the commonest of diseases affecting nearly every third adult in the United States. Actually it is a silent disease and hence its symptoms remain dormant for many years. However symptoms like headache, dizziness or nosebleeds can be associated with high blood pressure. If we look into the causes of high blood pressure, it is difficult to cite one particular reason as the cause. Different people are affected by hypertension due to different reasons. These factors could be excess weight, lack of physical workouts, high salt intake, use of tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption, stress and family or genetic history.

However it is possible to control and regulate high blood pressure levels with changes in the lifestyle and taking up a few remedial measures. It is difficult to point out one single remedy for the cure of high blood pressure. A combination of natural measures along with some medications may be a good remedy for high blood pressure. However garlic is considered to be a natural remedy for hypertension. Garlic is known to contain elements that have the ability to thin the blood that is blood clotting can be reduced significantly. However the use of garlic and its supplements must be taken under the supervision of the doctor as it is known to interact with certain drugs like aspirin, coumadin and trental. Other natural remedies include fish oil, herb known as hawthorn and certain other home remedies. It is significant to check the rise of pressure as hypertension may lead to serious medical complications such as stroke, heart attack, kidney damage and vision loss.