Fight High Blood Pressure With Your Diet

I am not a GP but I have done a bit of reading on blood pressure and what can be done to help alleviate the symptoms of hypertension. It is probably important at this stage to say that it is important to always consult your GP about conditions such as this. This is very imporant particularly when making any dietary changes.

Here are some ideas and food

How to Measure Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension (HTN), is extremely common. Over half of Americans are found to have hypertension by age 80. Treatment of hypertension is one of the most important health interventions we can make. In the office we see many patients who come concerned about thypertension or sometimes reassured about their BP, based on measurements that are inaccurate. Here are a few tips on getting

High Blood Pressure Help – Why You Should Throw Away Your Hypertension Medication

The best advice I can give for high blood pressure help is you should throw away your hypertension medication! But let me first explain myself before you throw away your expensive high blood pressure pills. As a natural health expert, I tell my customers these three things about hypertension medication.

First off, since your taking medication to lower your high blood pressure,

Top 5 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Why are you worried while you have exact foods that lower blood pressure? Whenever you feel discomfort at your chest, immediately you seek a doctor to diagnose and get a long charted prescription which sometimes tends to empty your pocket. Well, that’s not needed while you have natural hypertension  remedies as a good choice. No side effects are to make you suffer in addition to the original problem. So, once you confirm pressure with an accurate blood pressure monitor, it’s better to shift

High Blood Pressure? Learn to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Hypertension is a common problem. Despite being a common problem, very little is known about its causes. In fact, in over 90% of all cases the cause is unknown. Medication can not cure hypertension, only help you to keep your blood pressure under control.

Research has identified some risk factors

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally – 5 More Lifestyle Changes to Lower Blood Pressure Part 2

In Part 1 of this article I discussed 4 methods you can use to lower your blood pressure naturally. These include smoking, being over weight, salt and diet. This article continues with 5 more actions, which will help you to lower blood pressure naturally.

·        Limit your alcohol consumption. You should consume no more than one 12-ounce beer, one 5-ounce glass of wine or one swallow (1.5 ounces) of 80-proof

Medication Free Hypertension Remedies

Though countless numbers of people the world over currently experience elevated blood pressure and its potentially disastrous effects the options for treatment of this “silent killer” are limited. Many people foolishly ignore the life threatening implications of their high blood pressure and do little or nothing to combat it. Still others struggle with a daily regimen of prescription medication to control their blood pressure.

Lowering Blood Pressure – How Much is Too Much Salt?

Everyone knows that there is a connection between too much salt and high blood pressure but the question is how much is too much salt. And the answer is, it depends.

Now that’s not much help but it happens to be true. We need sodium in our body to help control fluid levels, conduct electrical pulses to our nerves and assist in the contraction

Can You Get Side Effects From Blood Pressure Medicines?

In this article, I’ll tell you if you can and also why this can happen. I’ll also describe the medically advised natural alternatives to drugs.

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. Patients taking blood pressure drugs will often get side effects. These drugs are not like other medicine where side effects may be relatively rare. No, with b.p. drugs, side effects are unfortunately quite common. This

Secure Workouts For Managing Hypertension

Physical exercise has a significant role in Managing Hypertension. There’s a reverse correlation between high blood pressure and physical exercise, in other words those who exercise regularly are less prone to suffering from this condition. Even modest intensity exercise, when done regularly, can help Managing Hypertension. Examples