High Blood Pressure Can Be Lowered With Low Fat Dairy

“Can Low Fat Dairy help lower High Blood pressure?”

“Yes” is the answer!

The results of the recent rat study from Valio, clearly indicates that blood pressure, BP, can be lowered by about 10 mmHg with a combination of milk proteins presented in a low-fat dairy foods.

According to the researches, dairy products such as low-fat milk are effective and can help reduce risk of high blood pressure, hypertension in older

Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally – Take Control & Attack the Disease

High blood pressure is a severe medical disease that impacts the lives of millions of Americans. Controlling hypertension is a life-long process that requires the advice of a medical healthcare provider to reduce high blood pressure naturally. To obtain normal measurements and maintain proper health, natural home remedies have proven to be very effective.

Although anti-hypertensive drugs are the most common form

High Blood Pressure Natural Remedies – Can Washing Dirty Dishes Really Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure natural remedies can be as simple as just doing your chores. You probably already know that you are going to have to change your life style but you probably didn’t know that it doesn’t have to be as daunting as most imagine. If you are looking for simple everyday

Herbal Remedies Fore HBP – Treating High Blood Pressure the Herbal Way

Everywhere in the world there were incidents of deaths, deaths that can be blamed on one of the most potent and silent killers of all time, high blood pressure. Many procedures have been experimented already to put an end to this dilemma but all the efforts were wasted because until now this disease

High Blood Pressure Remedies – Can I Use Them to Get My Blood Pressure Back to Normal?

High blood pressure remedies can be used by anyone who has a need to control blood pressure. However, there is no such thing as an overnight cure for hypertension. Reducing blood pressure usually takes a concerted effort over a period of time. This concerted effort will often involve a lifestyle change.

The problem is there is no blood

High Blood Pressure – 3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Hypertension And Improve Your Health Outlook

High blood pressure is called “the silent killer” by doctors. That’s because it indiscriminately kills millions every year who did not keep their b.p. under control. Many people think that drugs are the only answer but this is definitely not true. In this article, I will share with you three natural ways to lower your b.p.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is rich in magnesium. In fact, all soy products are rich in magnesium.

You may have heard about potassium and sodium being

Eat Your Way to Reduced Hypertension

Eating our way to reduced hypertension is not a far fetched idea; after all, we are what we eat. Just as there are foods, such as salt, that can make our blood pressure soar there are also foods that have the opposite effect.

The problem is our modern diet which is high in saturated fat and sodium,

Blood Pressure – A Byproduct of Lifestyle Changes

Blood pressure can be referred as a byproduct of lifestyle changes. The fast-paced urban life, leaves no room for a breather. An erratic lifestyle and tight working conditions can take a toll on your health and lead to such diseases. In fact, there is a chain of lifestyle diseases that crop up from simple causes like poor eating, stress, poor sleeping and so on. A demanding lifestyle can leave you fatigued with no energy left at the end of the day. Living this kind of life

Hypertension – The Silent Killer

Everyone talks about hypertension. Many individuals, groups, communities, health Organizations and other bodies have shown concern and even written about Hypertension. Statistics shows that approximately 1 billion people worldwide have high blood pressure and this number is expected to increase to 1.56 billion people by the year 2025. That translates to about 1 out of every 4 Adults being afflicted with hypertension. In fact in the United States, recent estimates show that nearly one in three

Lower High Blood Pressure – The Benefits of Eating Fruit and Vegetables

Lowering our high blood pressure by modifying our diet is often the first treatment recommended to us by our doctor when we are diagnosed as having hypertension. Whist reducing our sodium and fat intake is important; changing other aspects of our diet can also be beneficial, particularly by adding fruit and vegetables.

We already know that fresh fruit and vegetables form part of a healthy diet