A Good Heart Is the Best Heart

If you have a healthy heart then you have a good one and it will serve your body well for many years. It needs to be in an active body for it to be healthy, If we don’t do enough physical activity then it will start to decline, just the same way our muscles will. There are certain conditions and diseases that can make it unhealthy, but those aside it is down to us individually to keep it healthy.

Remember your heart is a muscle and just like any other of your muscles needs exercise and activity to stay fit and healthy. For it to have a proper workout you need to do some kind of activity six days a week that will get you out of breath and hotter than your normal temperature for about 30 minutes. Now if you think about that it is not really hard to achieve.

A 3o minute brisk walk is going to get you breathing faster than normal and raise your temperature higher than normal and how easy is that to achieve on a daily basis. The answer is very easy indeed, so why are there so many people that don’t do it when it is not a difficult thing to do. Obviously you can do more than just a brisk walk like running, cycling, swimming, dancing, aerobics, surfing, kayaking, weight training, football, tennis and many many more, the list goes on so there has to be a least one thing on the list that you will enjoy doing and while you are doing it your heart is getting healthier.

This activity will also help prevent you getting high blood pressure among other heart related problems, so it really is a no brainer and something that everyone needs to be doing. There are no excuses for the majority of people.

Before you undertake any kind of physical activity it is always a wise thing to have a check up with your Doctor in order that he/she can assess that you are physically healthy enough to be doing the activity that you have chosen to do, this is just a sensible precaution.